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Case Study with Weed MD

It’s not about the bottom line. Priority Label Products sets itself apart by investing in long-term relationships.

Weeding Out Their Suppliers

WeedMD Inc. is the publicly traded parent company of WeedMD RX Inc. and Starseed Medicinal Inc. licence holders producing and distributing cannabis products for both the medical and adult-use markets.

Their products are available through pharmacies and also over-the-counter at a variety of stores, which inevitably leads to a range of different packaging and many last-minute adjustments.

As a large company, WeedMD’s procurement office constantly looks out for new suppliers and cost savings. When they discovered Priority Label Products and Peter Cassaro several years ago, the “fit” between the two organizations was apparent right away.

While Priority Label Products did not necessarily come in with the lowest price, their Procurement Officer, Agatha Teichroeb, felt that their commitment to customer service and knowledge sharing immediately set them apart from the rest. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is never truer when it comes to Priority Label Product’s commitment to standards and service, says Teichroeb, and they now handle approximately 95 percent of the WeedMD’s product packaging.

“The team at Priority Label Products are highly knowledgeable at what they do and they don’t mind sharing this knowledge. Their customer service is always 100 percent.”

Responding in an Ever-Changing Industry

As the cannabis industry grows and evolves, suppliers need to continuously adapt to an ever-changing landscape. WeedMD maintains strategic relationships in the seniors’ market and supply agreements with Shoppers Drug Mart and seven provincial distribution agencies that sell adult-use brands Color Cannabis and Saturday. Each market and brand has different branding and regulations, adding another layer of logistics to navigate.

Teichroeb feels that Peter and the team at Priority Label Products are constantly sharing his expertise, ensuring that WeedMD’s designs will meet their needs. “Peter talks to me about how they do the labels and how the colouring agents are applied,” she says. “And if I give him a drawing and he thinks it won’t work, he won’t hold back from letting me know”. The value of industry and design insight that Peter and his team provide is of immense value for Teichroeb.

And when changes are needed, Peter’s team is able to react far quicker than any of their competitors in the labelling business. In an industry where 7-10 day lead times are standard, Priority Label Products consistently over-delivers. When approached with rush orders requiring a 48-hour turnaround, more often than not, they come back in 24 hours. And they always guarantee their products with a reprint policy for anything that isn’t satisfactory, she confirms.

“His response time to my ad hoc requests, and the resultant time savings for our business, is by far one of the biggest benefits to working with Peter at Priority Label Products.

A True Partnership

Oftentimes, working with suppliers needs to be more about the nature of the relationship, than just doing business together, says Teichroeb. She strongly believes that Peter’s customers are getting more than just a business relationship. It’s a partnership. “I’m not just the buyer, and he’s not just the supplier,” says Teichroeb. “I appreciate that kind of relationship and investment in our business.”

She also believes that whenever a business embarks on a new relationship with a supplier, it can take some time to figure out the ebb and flow. In her mind, Peter and his team jumped right in to facilitate the set-up and are always available to answer questions.

“I did not expect Peter to answer calls past business hours, but he is the point-person and totally committed,” says Teichroeb. “If you’re looking for a new print supplier, you should consider Priority Labels because it’s not just a business to Peter; it’s a business partnership.

“Peter and the team really care about the customer and about the service they provide. It’s not just a dollar figure for them. They are passionate about the work and about the relationship with their clients.”

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