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Case Study with ChocoSol Traders

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Not only overdelivering on price, delivery and customer service, Priority Label Products saw an opportunity to scale operations to benefit current clients.

The Right Fit

Founded by a vision of a future in which our food system and practices are people-centred, socially-just, ecological and dignified, Michael Sacco founded ChocoSol Traders in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico, before moving the company to Toronto in 2006. A social enterprise rooted in academia, ChocoSol creates small-batch, bean-to-bar, artisanal dark chocolate in collaboration with indigenous communities across the Americas.

Producing a product with integrity is only half the battle. Finding sustainable packaging that visually reflects the company ethos, without breaking the bank, is the Achilles heel of many craftspeople. Fortunately for Michael, Peter saw an opportunity to collaborate and approached him with his services.

"Peter is terrific. He really sees what needs to be done and has a knack for pushing the project forward. He gets things going and holds his suppliers to a high standard."

Scaling Together

The relationship began with the printing of stickers for ChocoSol packages. At first, Priority Label wasn't able to offer the most ecological solution, so Peter identified other elements of the process that Michael was looking for, such as biodegradable sticker options. At the time, this was outside Priority Labels' scope, but Michael saw the value in the technology. He was able to source them at a competitive price with a quicker turnaround than his competitors.

As ChocoSol has grown, Peter has proven to be a trusted industry partner, authentically focused on mutual growth, which is evident in the recent purchase of a ###### machine (that will do what? – additional info here could beef up this case study).

"The exciting part is that Priority Labels is embarking on a new kind of business that will take our business to the next level. I'm really motivated by this. I trust Peter because my success is his success, and vice versa."

Doing the Work

As the CEO, Peter is passionately involved with doing the actual work. His attention to detail and due diligence holds suppliers to a high standard, as well as his team and their capabilities.

"If you're a brand that wants to grow and be competitive, you'll be lucky to have his insight and no-nonsense approach to labels and packaging. Unlike a lot of printers, he has a strong art team behind him."

Ultimately, as with any industry, it comes down to relationships, and many clients will state that beyond his industry and sales knowledge, they genuinely like Peter and his passion for the industry he’s in and the work he does. His only limitation is the inability to clone himself.

For further information

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